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Protein World

Protein World shakes up the protein sector with a strong custom-built Magento website and long-term roadmap to help them expand into over 40 countries.

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Building a stronger website

Increase conversion

There’s a reason why people talk about Protein World, and it’s not just because of their adverts. Arjun Seth launched his online brand two years ago to shake up the growing protein market. Instead of focusing on bulking up, he marketed his products around strength, fitness, and weight loss. The website took off quickly and, fuelled by social media campaigns, Protein World became an overnight success.

The problem was that they didn’t have the infrastructure to back it up. The original website wasn’t good enough for enterprise-level ecommerce, so they came to us for ideas. After a few meetings they took us on to help develop a new site around the Magento Enterprise platform. We started from scratch using our own code and built them a site that looked the same, but that was technically stronger and more stable.

Our first test came after they launched their now infamous beach body ready advertising campaign. The previous site couldn’t handle more than 50 visitors at a time, but after their TV interview on This Morning over 2,500 visitors at a time were visiting the site. The publicity and media storm around the campaign resulted in a massive uplift in orders, which they were only able to process due to our new platform.

Closely Working Together

What we did next...

Once they were confident with the website, we created a three-year road map to plan their future growth. We knew we needed to keep their existing customers interested, but we also wanted to come up with ideas to attract new customers. We started by studying their analytics data too see how people were interacting with the site, and discovered that around 80% of their visits are from mobile devices.

It's unique for a brand to have so many mobile users, so this opened up new opportunities to develop mobile technology and build new functions to appeal to their demographic of young users. We’ve already come up with an integrated one-click Paypal function that allows people to instantly buy from their mobile, and we’re now working with them on a monthly basis to launch a series of new innovations.

So far, we've added functions such as an automatic subscription option that sends out a new order before customers run out, ambassador and affiliate schemes to help spread the word, and more efficient and scalable processes behind the scenes. When we first started working with Protein World they were only selling within the UK – with our strategic development they're now in over 40 countries worldwide.

increasing customer loyalty

Automatic subscription system

Protein World already had a loyal customer base, but we wanted to make people really feel part of a community. So we developed a bespoke system that allows customers to subscribe for savings on regular orders. This means that they get certain discounts depending on whether they buy a three month supply of protein. So just before they run out, a new order is dispatched to them automatically.

The new rolling subscription function was an instant success, helping to increase revenue by keeping people in protein without them having to constantly login and re-order from the website.

over 40 countries within a year

What we did next...

Protein World wanted to bulk up, so we put together a long-term strategy to make sure they achieved results that would last. Their product was taking off here in the UK, and new markets represented a huge growth opportunity. We provided hands-on consultancy to improve their internal processes and plan strategies to help them overcome common obstacles when exporting their brand overseas.

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