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Issette is one of the top websites for women’s golf clothing in the UK. Stocking many of the best golfing brands throughout the UK, you can be sure to find something that is right for you.

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Scoring a hole-in-one with golf website

Founding Issette

Paul Barrett, Operations Director at Gene, puts the swing back into golf clothing with a successful ecommerce business that takes a different approach to female fashion.

Paul knew someone who already owned a golf clothing website that wasn’t really going anywhere. They were looking to sell, and he spotted an opportunity. Most golf clothing websites focus on men’s clothing and are all about performance, but when it comes to women’s golf clothing it tends to be more about looking pretty and feminine. He wanted to develop a website that rivaled what was on offer for men.

As a keen golfer, Paul decided to pitch the idea at one of our Gene Pool events. The team decided that the project was commercially viable and gave the go-ahead to acquire the website in September 2014. The first thing he did was to change the name to Issette, and then began looking at in-house capabilities that could be applied the site such as design skills, technology skills, and even strategic consultancy.

Insight into the full ecommerce process

Standing by your decisions

Everything changed, from choosing the best payment gateway to planning the most efficient logistics and warehousing. The website was completely overhauled and developed from scratch using Magento. Issette re-launched in February 2015 with a totally new approach to other ladies golf clothing sites. The focus is now much more about being a golf clothing website that just happens to be for women.

This also meant re-evaluating the stock and doing away with all the accessories and non-clothing items. Instead Issette stocked better brands such as Calvin Klein, Golfino, and Rohnisch. As word began to spread, the business was able to increase sales and acquire smaller competitors including Golf Wear 4 Birdies and Lady Golfer UK, merging their registered users and directing the traffic back to Issette.

30% increase in revenue year-on-year

Putting our money where our mouths are

Everyone at Gene has gained insights into customer service, stock control, merchandising, fixing bugs – basically everything our customers go through. It’s also allowed us to test new functionality such as a click and collect service called Doddle, and a very tablet focused design. It's going well and Issette is growing month-on-month and now employs someone to help with day-to-day running of the business.

So far Issette has increased registered customers by over 350% since launch, which has resulted in a 30% increase in sales. Plus we’ve really upped the game for our competitors.

Final Word

Paul Barrett

Issette has shown everyone here what our clients are up against when running an online business. The website has also been a great opportunity to test out new technology and functions. It’s going well and we’re now at the point where we’re looking to employ someone full time to help out.

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