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Hedge Nursery

Hedge Nursery, exclusive UK grower and retailer of Royal Horticultural Society Bare Root Hedging Plants, launches a new Magento 2 Commerce website, seeing revenue and conversion rates soar.

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Hedge Nursery is the exclusive UK grower and retailer of Royal Horticultural Society Bare Root Hedging Plants. Its parent company, Choice Shops, also specialise in Incontinence products, providing a unique portfolio. Choice Shops came to GENE midway through a migration project to move their current Incontinence websites to Magento 2, following complications and delays GENE were called in to rescue the project.

The Hedge Nursery site had not been included in the initial build as Choice Shops wanted a complete redesign.
Choice Shops told us that their existing site for Hedge Nursery was, overall, “a poor, non mobile enabled site, that ‘just sells’ ”. There was nothing about the site that stood out from their competition and it did nothing to demonstrate its speciality in Bare Roots, or as the exclusive UK grower and retailer of RHS Bare Root Hedging Plants.



As a smaller member of the Choice Shops family, and with the cost of having to move agencies mid build, the budget for the build was limited. With this in mind we ensured we utilised as much of the core Magento functionality as possible, and built the site using the Magento multi-store feature. We were able to give the site a completely different look and feel to Choice’s other sites, but keep admin management as easy as possible using the same admin area, and utilise all the same functionality, such as integration with their warehouse and shipping management.

To ensure the Hedge Nursery site stood apart from the competition we paid particular attention to their site search, ensuing their products were easy to find for their customers, even when their search term contained spelling mistakes or alternate names (English and Latin).

Through mobile first design we showcased the fact that Hedge Nursery is a Bare Roots Specialist, providing customers with useful advice on Planting and Form on every product page. We also highlighted their USP as the exclusive grower of Royal Horticultural Society hedging plants, making sure this was prominent on every product page.



The client is delighted to have a beautiful new site, with fresh design and a mobile first approach that makes it stand out from the competition and highlights their USPs. In addition to an easy way to manage 5 websites within one admin panel. The results have been outstanding and sales continue to soar especially on mobile.

Year-on-year increases -

– 40.16% Increase in Revenue
– 16.17% Increase in E-Commerce Conversion Rate
– 36.28% Increase in Transactions
– 2.84% Increase in Avg. Order Value
– 142.93% Increase in Revenue for Mobile Traffic
– 35.76% Increase in E-Commerce Conversion Rate for Mobile Traffic
– 151.55% Increase in Transactions for Mobile Traffic
– 326.63% Increase in Mobile Traffic

Lara Taylor – Trading and Operations Manager

"the new site has and continues to deliver"

We wanted to re-platform the Hedge Nursery site from M1 to M2 ready in time for our peak season. We needed to partner with somebody that would to help improve our brand proposition, whilst addressing some key user experience issues. That’s where GENE were able to add in their skill by understanding the essence of our customer by carrying out a comprehensive discovery of the market in which we operate in, including our competitors and proposed options to overcome challenges. The new site was launched in November 2018 and the business has been impressed with the results that the new site has and continues to deliver.

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