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Bargain Max

Bargain Max migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and see Black Friday transactions soar by 175.31% on mobile.

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A migration from Open Source to Commerce

Bargain Max, are an ambitious family run online toyshop based in Manchester.

They know that the current online retail business is expanding and with their intention to be at the forefront of this exciting expansion, they knew the team at GENE would be the perfect partners to help push the business further.

They came to us in late 2018 with an existing site which was built on Magento 1 (open source). Over time they had developed a lot of bespoke functionality on the site and, with support for Magento 1 coming to an end, they decided it was time to re-build on Magento 2 (Commerce), and asked us to work with them to complete the project.

With ambitious plans for the business, Bargain Max wanted a best-in-class digital platform that would be able to scale and deliver growth. We needed to ensure that the site was optimised to deliver a first-class user experience across different devices.


Simple but playful

Working to a 4 month project plan, our UX and Design team set to work to create a look and feel for the site that would appeal to their audience and convey the fun personality of a toy shop brand.

With the majority of the customers of the site being busy parents, convenience was a key factor in the site design. The site needed to be easy to navigate on both mobile and desktop and ensure the buying process was a simple as possible.

The final design is clean, fun and fresh and most importantly, easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile and, with transactions on mobile increasing by 74.57%, we knew we’d hit the mark!

Multiple payment options

Convenience is Key

With convenience and ease being a key element in the new site, Bargain Max wanted the site to offer customers a choice of payment methods.

Paypal’s Braintree module and their Apple Pay extension were built by the team at GENE, so it seemed the obvious choice to use Braintree for the main payment gateway. We implemented the Braintree Module alongside the Apple Pay extension. We also implemented both Amazon and Google Pay giving customers a wide range of payment options.

As part of the migration, we also needed to ensure the buy now pay later option, provided by Dividebuy, was implemented, as this is a huge revenue driver on the site. Working with the team at Dividebuy we ensured this functionality worked on the new M2 site.

The Results

Black Friday sales double

Following the launch of the site, sales have increased dramatically.

Revenue is up 48.2% for all users and 64.33% on mobile. Transactions are up 58.78% for all users with an impressive 74.57% increase in mobile transactions.

Being a toy store, the lead up to Christmas is the peak sales period on the site with Black Friday being the most important day of the year. Following the migration, to their new site, Black Friday sales doubled with overall revenue increasing by 95.76%, and mobile revenue increasing by 133.94%!

Black Friday Transactions increased by 132.78% with an incredible 175.31% increase in transactions on mobile.

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