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With the help of GENE Commerce Aqualisa move to a more advanced ecommerce platform and and see average order value rise by 48.5%

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Time to move to a more advanced ecommerce platform

Aqualisa’s website sales were flatlining. With their contract due to come to an end they decided it was time to move to a more advanced ecommerce platform and approached GENE to migrate them to Magento 2 Commerce.

Aqualisa needed site functionality that optimised trading opportunities such as cross sells, with a heavy focus on personalisation, something that they were not able to do on their existing site. As well as this, they came to us to take their website to the next level based on our reputation for design and UX.


Using the most up-to-date technology

Utilising core Magento features, we used custom product types to enable Aqualisa to showcase their product range more effectively.

On the product page customers are now seamlessly able to choose between different options, without having to navigate to different product pages, (something they hadn't previously been able to do) enabling Aqualisa to easily upsell higher value products.

Again, using core magento functionality we introduced up-sells and related product on product detail pages to increase sales and revenue on ancillary products.

We had a very tight a deadline to get the site up and running; less than 10 weeks. We were able to use our latest Headless framework, meaning the site was using the most up-to-date technology without spending time building the framework from the ground up. Speed and performance on the site have been greatly improved, resulting in a much better user experience.



The site was launched in April 2019 with astounding results that far exceeded their commercial objectives. We are working with Aqualisa now on a Roadmap of development to continue to bring more innovation into their business strategy.

Year on year increases;

– 72.02% Increase in Revenue
– 28.14% Increase in E-Commerce Conversion Rate
– 15.84% Increase in Transactions
– 48.50% Increase in Avg. Order Value
– 141.79% Increase in Revenue for Mobile Traffic
– 55.03% Increase in E-Commerce Conversion Rate for Mobile Traffic
– 55.56% Increase in Transactions for Mobile Traffic
– 55.44% Increase in Mobile Traffic

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